Oprettet: 28. april 2016

Fasanjagt i Serbien

Pheasant Shooting in Serbia

10-12 hunters.

Jan -Feb 2016

The shoot is located about 200 km South of Belgrade

Hunters book and pay own flights.

March will be possible but with less pheasants and lesser price


Luxury package all inclusive:


Danish guide (speaks perfect English)

English/Serbian interpreter

Luxury-bus transport to and from airport

Accommodation in luxury hotel or hunting lodge

Private cook (Serbian Jamie Oliver)

All meals

Top class Serbian wines

Transport to and from shoot

1200 pheasants or 4800 shoots (which ever reached first) Jan-feb


Lunch in wood

Personal loader for each hunter

Traditional laying out of the game



Our Serbian agent is a member of one of the three Serbian Hunters’ Associations, and our hunting-grounds is under the control of the Serbian Hunting Ministry. Since the Balkan war in the 90’s there has been extensive work to get the game population back to normal.

At the same time, the EU has supported a program of hunting tourism in the country, as Serbia has very small recourses.

3Bhunt is one of the few western hunting agents that has been allowed to participate in this hunting tourism program, and we have since 1 January 2014, when the program started, been involved in the development and especially culturel changing in the organization of hunting.


Practical details

Hunters on the luxury pheasant shoot package stay the following conditions:


Guests book their flights to / from Belgrade Airport. Please remember to tell the airline that you will be bringing weapons on the flight when booking.

You will be sent papers that need to be filled out in order to gain entry to Serbia with your shotgun

These papers must be filled with weapon numbers, and photocopy of your shotgun permit. Or in addition, a photocopy of the European gun passport. Everything must be returned to 3Bhunt via 3Bhunting@gmail.com, who provide notification to the authorities in Belgrade Airport.

Upon booking you pay a deposit of 10%. This is non-refundable.

The remaining amount is to be paid in full before departure. 20% of the amount will be kept in deposit by 3Bhunt in order to secure our clients until departure from Belgrade.



On arrival at Belgrade Airport, 3Bhunt will have already notified the authorities, and you will be allocated two or three police officers to conduct the customs clearance of weapons.

This takes about an hour in traditional Eastern European airport-accommodations.

The hunters will be assigned an internal police officer who will guide the hunters through the airport.

Then Jesper Schytte pro-hunter from 3Bhunt together with Christian Iuel and our Serbian hunting contact will meet you in the airport reception hall, and we guide you to the bus, which will take us to the luxury hotel Sumarice in Kragovica or a hunting lounge (by request).

The accommodation are single rooms, and you will be welcomed with a special old version of the local RAKI and the following days pheasant shoot will be explained.

Hereafter you are free to relax or maybe go for a walk in the neighbourhood.

At 1900 we meet for dinner, where the Serbian version of Jamie Oliver will be in charge of the dining in the deluxe class and absolute top wines from Serbia will be served.

Afterwards you can enjoy the local night club where Serbian culinary specialities will be available later.


You will have a wake-up-call at 0600 … continental breakfast at 0645 … board the bus at 0730 and driven to the hunting area where we arrive at about 0745.

Her we are welcomed and each hunter will be allocated his loader.

We will be given the morning brief and safety talk.

Transport during the day will be in horse drawn wagons.

During the morning there will be 3 drives, after the second drive there will be served a glass of Serbian champagne, then after the third drive there will be served formidable local lunch of either soup or stew … to this Serbian wine or beer if desired.

In the afternoon there will be 2-3 drives.

At the end of the day the game will be laid out in the traditional Serbian way in beautiful surroundings and everybody has a chance to say thank you for the day. ( It is common to tip the loader)

Subsequently you will be transported to the hotel, where there will be served dinner at 1900.


DAY 3:

Depart from Serbia in the morning

Wake-up and breakfast in relation to the departure of Belgrade Airport, please note that you need about 1 hour to clear customs. Guide will be present.

Check-out of the hotel no later than 10.00.


Further pheasant hunting or a fantastic wild boar hunt. (see offer) and depart from Serbia in the late afternoon/ evening.

EUR. 45000

Yours sincerely


Mr. Jesper Schytte (Danmark) 3Bhunting@Gmail.com